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Useful Information for cremation of bodies

Those who opt for cremation should be aware that:

Cremation of bodies is provided exclusively via funeral homes in Greece and abroad. Therefore, the relatives and friends of the deceased should contact the funeral office of their choice, which then undertakes the cremation process in cooperation with the Cremation Center.

For infants up to 12 months the cremation fee paid to Crem Services is donated in full to a charitable organization chosen by the family.

Social Security in Greece covers cremation costs as for burial.

Before cremation, funeral homes should fill out the following documents:

  1. CREMSERVICES_cremation_EN_2024
  2. The issuance of a death certificate for cremation requires:
  • A signed statement.
  • A forensic certificate.

The cremation process of a human body takes up to 2-3 hours.

Urn transport by airplane

To transport the urn by plane you should contact your airline to ask what the required documents are.

To transport the urn as hand luggage with AEGEAN AIRLINES  you need:

1) Death certificate

2) Cremation Certificate

You can download the relevant document by AEGEAN AIRLINES (in Greek) here:

Urn transport by AEGEAN AIRLINES


You can download our travel certificate here:

Travel Certificate