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Useful information for the cremation of bones from exhumation

We all experience the tragic outcome over time of exhuming the bones of our dead. Now, instead of the usual process of placing the bones in an ossuary, the families may choose to cremate the bones.

The necessary documents for bones’ cremation are the following:

  1. CREMSERVICES_cremation-of-skeletal-remains_EN-2024


  1. Certificate of disinfection and transfer of bones from the relevant authority


  1. Written statement by first or second degree relative that the deceased wished to have his/her skeletal remains cremated (the signature needs to be verified)

Bones’ cremation lasts 1,5-2 hours.

Urn transport by airplane

To transport the urn by plane you should contact your airline to ask what the required documents are.

To transport the urn as hand luggage with AEGEAN AIRLINES  you need:

1) Death certificate

2) Cremation Certificate


You can download the relevant document by AEGEAN AIRLINES (in Greek) here:

Urn transport by AEGEAN AIRLINES


You can download our travel certificate here:

Travel Certificate