Ritsona Crematorium

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Our Facilities

The first Crematorium in Greece is located 75km from Athens with direct access from the National Road. Click here to download our brochure: CremServices_brochure_eng

The design philosophy of our building

The basic aim of the building’s design was to achieve a harmonious building set that, upon completion, would not disturb the sense of calm and serenity that emanates from the lush natural surroundings and pine forest. All the functions of the building are located on one level, while its low height combined with the plants the visitor encounters contribute to the mild integration of the building into the environment.
A set of volumes are joined through a driveway running through the entire building. Skylight prisms pierce the single roof and allow natural light to enter from above. In the ceremony room, the skylight pierces the roof, allowing the light to penetrate and illuminate the coffin deposited just below. In the urns storage area, another skylight pierces the roof, illuminating the urn before it is delivered to the deceased’s relatives. Outdoors landscaping follows the same functions as indoors. The patio next to the ceremony room can host the ceremonies outdoors during the summer. Accordingly, the patio next to the refreshment area is used as a refreshment area during the summer.

The building was designed by MONOGON Office for Architecture.