Ritsona Crematorium

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Making the choice

The choice of cremation vs burial offers benefits such as:

  • The family is relieved from the traumatic experience of exhumation considering that cemeteries in urban centers in Greece are so overcrowded that bodies are often only kept in the ground for three years.
  • Much less financial burden as there’s no need to construct a tomb that will be destroyed three years after burial.
  • Release from the long-term financial burden of keeping the skeletal remains in the ossuary following the exhumation.
  • Efficient land management especially in urban areas where there is graveyard space shortage.
  • It is eco-friendly process as cremation does not affect the soil and aquifer. At the same time, cremation takes place at premises operating in accordance with strict EU and national environmental regulations.
  • Family and friends of the deceased are relieved from a significant emotional and financial burden.
  • Offers more choices and opportunities for farewell and memorial events.

Click  here to watch the movie “The Promise” by Kostas Pliakos and Antonis Alakiotis. The “Promise” is a record of the political dimension of the effort to create the first Crematorium of Greece, a feature investigative documentary in which the protagonists of the “cremation case” unfold an unknown story of political controversy.