Ritsona Crematorium

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Our services

Since late September 2019, the one and only Cremation Center in Greece operates in Ritsona, Evia.

The Center was founded by Crem Services SA.

With the utmost care and with respect to religious and cultural diversity, we offer cremation services of human bodies and skeletal remains after exhumation as well as ash scattering and ash burial services.

Please note that our cremation services are offered via funeral homes in Greece and abroad.

Services and facilities at the Cremation Center include:

-Cremation: Cremation of the body and delivery of the ashes in urn of choice. For security reasons it is not possible for relatives to observe the cremation process.

-Cremation of skeletal remains: Cremation of skeletal remains after exhumation and delivery of the ashes in urn of choice.

-Hosting of religious or civil ceremony at the Ceremony Hall: The Ceremony Hall hosts all kinds of ceremonies (religious or civil) organized by the funeral home and the relatives of the deceased. Facilities also provide audiovisual equipment for special tribute, music selection e.tc. Live streaming of the ceremony through the online platform ZOOM is available for relatives who cannot attend the ceremony.

-Funeral luncheons/refreshments: Coffee, light refreshments and funeral luncheons are served (upon request) in the refreshment areas indoors and outdoors. Ceremonies of more than 30 ppl should choose our group packages in order to avoid delays.

-Memorial Garden: Ash burial services at the Memorial Garden of the Cremation Center are offered.

-Columbarium: Cinerary urns can be respectfully stored at the Center’s Columbarium.

-Pre-planning of cremation arrangements: Services for pre-planning of cremation arrangements are offered. For more information, please click here.

-Urns: Handmade copies of urns inspired by Ancient Greece as well as urns with contemporary design in a variety of dimensions and materials are available (copper, brass, MDF, oak, clay, biodegradable and recyclable materials). To visit our online shop click here. For small-size urns click here.

-Memorial jewelry: For more information, please click here.