Ritsona Crematorium

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1. I wish to make a cremation appointment. What should I do?

You should contact a funeral home of your choice. We cooperate with all funeral homes nationwide.

2. Where is the Ritsona Crematorium located?

At the 75th kilometer of the Athens-Lamia National Road.
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How to get there

From Athens:
When you reach the 75th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road take the THIVA-CHALKIDA exit. At the first intersection turn right to Chalkida. Continue straight for 2.5 kilometers. The crematorium is on your left.

From Thessaloniki:
From the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road with direction to Athens, turn left and take the RITSONA exit. Continue straight for 4.5 kilometers. The Crematorium is on your left.

Access to the Crematorium from Athens by bus is possible in 3 ways:
1. By Suburban Railway to Vathi Avlida (ticket price 4.9€) and then by taxi (Moraitis Fotis +306947695701, Dimitriou Georgios +306980900288. Indicative cost ~ 12 €)

2. By bus to Schimatari Biotia (tel. Athens +302108317179. Ticket price 5.9 €) and then by taxi (Flotsios Theofanis +306975060357, Pagouras +306946333096. Indicative cost ~ 15 €

3. By any means to Halkida and then by taxi (Kollias Dimitris +306986745883, indicative cost ~ 25 €)

3. Is a funeral ceremony possible at your facilities?

Yes, we host both religious and civil farewell ceremonies in our ceremony hall with natural lighting and live piano music. The hall has sound coverage and you can ask us for one or more songs that you wish to hear during the farewell ceremony of your relative. We also have a large TV screen where you can display photos and videos of the deceased, microphone coverage and the ability to broadcast the ceremony live via Zoom platform to relatives who are unable to attend. Contact us to organize the farewell ceremony that suits you best at tel. +302221121752 or via email at info@cremservices.gr. Ceremonies last approximately 20 minutes and begin 25 minutes prior to the scheduled cremation time. If you wish to have a longer ceremony please let us know and we will arrange it.

4. Do you have a priest at your facilities?

No but you can contact your funeral office to organize a religious ceremony with a priest.

5. Do you serve coffee or lunch?

Yes, we have a café that operates both indoors and outdoors with quite a variety of drinks and light snacks. Click TIMOKATALOGOS KYLIKEIOU neo 7.24 to download our menu. Contact us for group packages. For ceremonies of more than 30 people you should choose our group packages in order to avoid delays.

6. Can I buy flowers at your facilities?

Yes, you can buy flowers at our facilities. The cost is 20 euros / bouquet.

7. How long does cremation take?

The cremation process takes about 2-3 hours.

8. Can I witness the cremation?

For security reasons it is not possible to witness the cremation process. When the ceremony ends, the body is taken to the cremation room where only authorized personnel is allowed.

9. Can I collect the urn on the same day?

Yes, the urn is given to the family or to the representative of the funeral office on the same day as the cremation.

10. I would like to pre-pay my cremation. What should I do?

We give the opportunity to those who want to plan their cremation in advance to pre-pay cremation. If you are interested, please contact us by phone (+302221121752) or by email at info@cremservices.gr.

11. I would like to declare my wish to be cremated. What should I do?

You should fill out a declaration form stating your desire to be cremated and your decision on how you want your ashes to be disposed (article 49 Law 4277/2014).

In this form you need to define the person who will undertake the execution of your wish (Recipient). The recipient also fills out a declaration form stating that he/she will carry out your wish. Alternatively, you can visit a notary office of your choice and issue a notarial deed with your desire for cremation and the method of disposing of the ashes (article 35A of Law 344/1976). In this deed you designate the person who will undertake the execution of your wish (Recipient).

12. I wish to make an appointment for bones’ cremation. What should I do?

Either contact a funeral home to take over the process or, if you wish to bring the bones to our facilities, call us at tel. +302221121752 or send us an email at info@cremservices.gr to make an appointment. Cremation of bones takes place at our facilities by appointment every Tuesday and Thursday. The following are required upon your arrival:
1. Bones cremation order (send it by e-mail to info@cremservices.gr or by viber to +306943263355)
2. Certificate of disinfection and transfer of bones from the relative authorities
3. Declaration form of a relative (first or second degree) with an original signature stating that the deceased wished to have his/her bones cremated.
4. Deposit 250 euros to one of the following accounts:
PIRAEUS BANK IBAN: GR1301716090006609143686511
ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR1901401460146002002025660
NATIONAL BANK IBAN: GR2001106140000061400623833
EUROBANK: GR0202603280000980201539746

13. How long does bones’ cremation take?

About 1.5-2 hours.

14. What does ash consist of?

The body is exposed to a very high temperature during the cremation process, therefore all organic matter (coffin, clothes, etc.) disappears and only the bones remain. The bones that remain are pulverized and delivered as ashes in a sealed urn.

15. Approximately how much does an urn weigh?

A standard urn weighs from 1.5 to 4 kg depending on the weight of the deceased.

16. What is the urn that you use? Can I choose a different one?

We offer this urn at no extra cost:

However, if you want a different urn you can choose one either from our on-line catalog by clicking here or on the day of the cremation from our urns’ exhibition.

17. What options do I have for ash management?

According to the legislation (article 49 A Law 4277/2014, ) ash is managed in the following ways:

“1. The ashes are compulsorily placed by the Cremation Centers (KAN) and the bones cremation units in a special container (urn). 2. The urn must: a) Be placed in a special storage area for urns (colombarium) within the Cremation Center or within the Cemetery or b) Be buried in an existing Cemetery, in accordance with the provisions of the a.n. 582/1968 (A`225) “On Municipal and Community Cemeteries”, as applicable, or c) It is abandoned freely at sea and at a distance of at least 1.5 nautical miles from the coast, provided that the container is soluble in water and does not contain polluting elements. 3. It is possible to scatter the ashes in a specially designed area of remembrance (fountain or flower garden) within the KAN or in an outdoor area outside a residential area or at sea. 4. As long as there is no express declaration of the deceased regarding the management of the ashes, in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraphs, the spouse and his/her relatives, by blood or blood, up to the fourth degree, decide on this issue , in order of rank. 5. For any change in the management of the ashes, the spouse and the above relatives of the deceased, in order of rank, decide. 6. In any case of impossibility of carrying out the will of the deceased, as well as in case of disagreement between relatives of the same class, the Prosecutor in whose district the urn is kept decides. 7. The urn is considered a non-negotiable item with all the consequences that follow.”

If you do not wish to take the urn with you, you can either bury the ashes in our rose memorial garden at a burial cost of 100 euros plus VAT or keep the urn in the colombarium at a cost of 100 euros plus VAT per year.

18. Can I travel with the urn by plane?

To transport the urn by plane you should contact your airline so that they inform you about the necessary documents. As an example, AEGEAN AIRLINES require: 1) Death certificate and 2) Cremation certificate.