Ritsona Crematorium

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Pre-paid Cremations

Cremation is a completely personal and conscious choice depending on each person’s worldview. For some people it is important to plan every last detail of their funeral, the same way they organized every aspect of their life. Others are wondering how they could relieve their family, both emotionally and financially, by advance planning.

We give the opportunity to those who want to plan their cremation in advance to pre-pay cremation and ash disposal services. This is a common practice worldwide, i.e. in Europe, in the USA, Canada, Australia, where Crematoria have been operating for decades.

The main purpose of this service is to avoid burdening the family with procedural and financial issues in an emotionally charged moment and to ensure that the last wish of the deceased is respected. This service only includes cremation and ash disposal.

Also, we offer livestreaming services from the ceremony hall so that friends and family who cannot attend the ceremony can watch it from whereever they are, in Greece or abroad.